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Expand regional economic opportunities by providing modern port facilities, promoting trade, and supporting industrial development.



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Port Panama City is both a landlord and an operating port, administered by the Panama City Port Authority, an agency of the City of Panama City. The Port Authority consists of five board members appointed by the Panama City Commission for four–year terms. According to the stipulations of the Port Authority’s enabling legislation, property owned or subsequently acquired by the Port Authority is held for the benefit of the City, and the Port Authority can own, acquire, or lease property only within City limits or within 10 miles of those limits.


In addition to its powers to own and acquire property by purchase, lease, eminent domain, gift, or transfer, the Port Authority is empowered to:


  • Acquire, construct, maintain, equip, and operate port terminal facilities, industrial parks, industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, wharves, docks, dry–docks, quays, yacht basins, ship basins, breakwaters, foundations for shipways, fitting–out docks, shipyards, marine railways, repair, shops, loading and unloading, packaging and refrigeration facilities, all other harbor and port improvements and facilities, subject to City Commission approval.


  • Enter into contracts for furthering the business, operation, and maintenance of shipping facilities and harbor and port improvements within the City of Panama City and the 10–mile limit beyond City boundaries.


  • Borrow money to implement its capital improvement program.


The Port’s annual budget must be approved by the City Commission, which can contribute funds for the Port’s operating expenses, if appropriate.

Several sections of the enabling legislation were amended slightly in 1957 and again in 1984. Day–to–day administrative and operational tasks are carried out under the direction of the Executive Director, who reports to the Port Authority. At present, the Port has approximately 52 employees.


The Executive Director and his staff perform the following tasks: facility planning, development and maintenance to meet current and future tenant and user demand; Port marketing; lease negotiations; setting of tariffs and other Port charges; berth, warehouse, and other space assignments; and compliance with environmental, security, and safety regulations.


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